2nd Summer School on


Beyond Transformation: Evolving the Digital Enterprise

June 5-7, 2019

In recent years, the industrial world, and in particular the manufacturing sector, has been affected by a digital transformation, capable of strongly influencing production processes and business dynamics. This transformation is called Industry 4.0.
The backbone of change is the integration of industry and technological innovation through the digitalization of production methods, the innovation of processes throughout the entire product lifecycle and the change / specialization of skills.
The process of change is continuous and constant: we have gone from sectoral innovations aimed at improving specific activities in the production cycle, to more complex transformations in which the machines are connected in smart network and the organizations have become complex networks of data, machines and people. The company has increasingly become a system made up of highly interconnected components in which the information produced during the whole product lifecycle plays a crucial role. The produced data real time collection, processing and correlation do allow to enable new business paradigms that can generate greater value through an increase in company knowledge.
Technological, organizational and cultural changes have led to the emergence of a new and constantly evolving business model in which the correct management of the developed knowledge generates new knowledge in terms of technology and human skills as positive feedback.
Industry Digital Evolution (IDE) is, therefore, a continuous process of corporate change supported by a highly innovative strategic and multidisciplinary vision focused on the combination of different organizational, technological and cultural variables, in order to make companies more competitive and resilient.
The edition of IDE Summer School 2019 "Beyond Transformation: Evolving the Digital Enterprise" wants to take up the challenge of exploring the theme of corporate evolution by designing possible operational scenarios that guide companies along a coherent and effective path of continuous innovation.
During its three days of study, qualified speakers from the academic and industrial world will exchange views and share their experiences with Digital Evolution. The four sessions that the school is made up of will allow to cover a wide range of digital solutions already developed or about to be introduced in the industrial context, and which are the subject of research projects and studies by the academy.

School Tracks

Big Data
& Analytics

CHAIR: Prof. Ernesto Damiani

Università degli Studi di Milano

KEYNOTE: Rafael Accorsi


This track focuses on Big Data Novel Theories, Visualization Techniques, Large Data Stream Processing, Sensor Networks, Big Data Applications.


CHAIR: Prof. Andrea Bondavalli

Università degli Studi di Firenze

KEYNOTE: Hermann Kopets

TU Wien

This track deals with Methods, Technologies and Case Studies about all Cyber-Physical Systems aspects, such as information exchange and control.

Life Cycle in
industry at large

CHAIR: Prof. Sergio Terzi

Politecnico di Milano

KEYNOTE: Oleg Shilovitsky

Open BOM

This track aims to bring together different approaches addressing works on technologies and models for managing data and information about LC across different sectors.

Impact of AI on Innovation

CHAIR: Prof. Mimmo Distante


KEYNOTE: Pietro Ferraro


The aim of this track is to investigate how Artificial Intelligence can transform the industrial scenario and, in general, its relevant impacts on all enterprise sectors.


Angelo Corallo
Angelo Corallo is Associate Professor in the Department of Innovation Engineering – Università del Salento and is the responsible of CORELab. His research activities focus on the development of technologies, methodologies and organizational models for creating an integrated business environment.
Mariangela Lazoi is Researcher in the Department of Innovation Engineering – Università del Salento and leads the area “Industry” of CORELab, her research topics are product design, product lifecycle management and business process management.
Giulio Avanzini, full professor of Flight Mechanics at the University of Salento, deals with problems related to simulation and control of fixed-wing and rotating wing aircraft (including remotely piloted aircraft), as well as orbital dynamics and satellite distribution control.
Ernesto Damiani is full professor at Università degli Studi di Milano, where he leads the SESAR Lab, Director of the Centre on Cyber-Physical Systems and of the Information Security Research Center at the Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, and the leader of the Big Data area at Etisalat British Telecom Innovation Center. He has done extensive research on design and deployment of secure systems and protocols.
Paolo Ceravolo
Paolo Ceravolo is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Milan. His research interests include Data Representation and Integration, Business Process Monitoring, Process Mining, Empirical Software Engineering, Social Interaction Metrics, Innovation Management, Technology Enhanced Learning.
Sergio Terzi is Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano, School of Management, Manufacturing Group. He is one of the founders of the IFIP WG 5.1, as well as member of the IFIP WG 5.7 and of the IEEE TMS. He is Director of the national Observatory Industry 4.0 and Director of the Executive Program in Industry 4.0.
Monica Rossi is Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Milano in the Department of Management, Economics and industrial Engineering. Her main research interests are in the areas of product development, innovation and design engineering, Lean Product Development and life cycle thinking.
Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Firenze. His research activity is focused on Dependability and Resilience of critical systems and infrastructures. In particular he has been working on safety, security, fault tolerance, evaluation of attributes such as reliability, availability and performability.
Cosimo Distante
Within the CNR since 2001 his research activity is focused on the context of artificial intelligence: robot learning, image understanding and pattern recognition. He has been a contract professor in computer and communication engineering at the University of Salento.
Full professor of economic and management engineering aat the Polytechnic of Bari. Since 2009 he is collaborator of the InterNeg Research Centre, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Since 2016, he is director of the Inter-University Research Centre 'Industry 4.0', to which the four Apulian public universities belong.
Associate Professor of Economic and Management Engineering at the Polytechnic of Bari. She teaches Business Process Management and Economics and Business Organisation. She is the author of more than 80 scientific publications related to the fields of management and innovation of business processes and corporate sustainability.
Giovanni Scarafile is an Associate Professor at the University of Pisa. He is a member of the Steering Committee of FISP (Fédération Internationale Des Sociétés De Philosophie).


9:30 - Registration and Welcome Coffee

10:00 - Research posters competition – Chair: Paolo Ceravolo, Università degli Studi di Milano - Co-Chair: Monica Rossi, Politecnico di Milano

12:30 - Introduction for PhD Students

13:00 - Buffet Lunch

14:30 - Institutional Welcome


15:00 - Chair: Andrea Bondavalli, Università degli Studi di Firenze - Session Introduction

15:15 - Keynote: HERMANN KOPETZ, TU Wien - Complexity Management in the Design of Cyber Physical Systems

16:00 - Francesco Brancati, Resiltech - Methodologies, Tools and Examples of MDE-based Application for Critical Cyber Physical System of Systems Design and Early Prototyping

16:40 - Angelo Marguglio, Engineering I.I. - CPS-driven Digital Transformation: the MIDIH Project

17:00 - Gian Carlo Buontempo, MSC Crociere - The Experience of Cruising: From the Paper to the Virtual Era

17:20 - Giancarlo Magnoli Bocchi, Magnoli & Partners (Edison) - Digital Twins For Energy Retrofit: BIM and BEM

17:40 - Best Poster Presentation

17:50 - Round-table Discussion

20:30 - Themed Event "Welcome to Salento!" (Local Food & Wine Tasting, Social Dinner)


9:30 - Chair: Sergio Terzi, Politecnico di Milano - Session Introduction

9:45 - Keynote: OLEG SHILOVITSKY, Open BOM - Manufacturing Web for The Future of Product Lifecycle

10:30 - Antonio Maglione, IDS - Roadmap for a Lean Digital Enterprise: a Pilot Case in IDS Grottaglie

10:50 - Coffee Break

11:10 - Massimo Scalvenzi, Leonardo - Engineering Excellence Supporting Integration

11:30 - Francesca Battistella, CAREL & Fabiana Pirola, Università degli Studi di Bergamo - Expanding Service Offering Through A Collaborative Approach: The CAREL Case

11:50 - Nicola Campo, BHGE - Model Based Enterprise for the Brilliant Factory at BHGE

12:10 - Giuseppe Totaro, Leonardo – Tolerance Analysis for Manufacturing Optmization

12:30 - Best Poster Presentation

12:40 - Round-table Discussion

13:15 - Buffet Lunch

14:30 - 18:00 - SESSION #3: BIG DATA & ANALYTICS

14:30 - Chair: Ernesto Damiani, Università degli Studi di Milano - Session Introduction

14:45 - Keynote: RAFAEL ACCORSI, PWC - Transforming Data into Actionable Process Improvements

15:30 - Davis Quirico & Davide Bernardi, Avio Aero - Product Improvement through Digital Technologies & Data Science

15:50 - Coffee Break

16:10 - Oronzo Lucia, Fameccanica - Fameccanica toward Digital: Challenges and Opportunities

16:30 - Pazzaglia Jean Christophe, SAP - Data driven AI in the Industry: Solving Today and Tomorrow Challenges

16:50 - Nicoletta Antonias & Daniela Aprea, Italferr - LCA and BIM in the Development of Sustainable Infrastructure Design

17:10 - Daniele Verardi, Angel Company - Rise of Big Data in Railway: the MerMec Use Case

17:30 - Best Poster Presentation

17:40 - Round-table Discussion

20:30 - Wine Notes by Winemaker Giovanni Cantele - GALA DINNER


9:30 - Chair: Cosimo Distante, CNR - Session Introduction

9:45 - Keynote - PIETRO FERRARO, CNR - Intelligent Systems as a Key to Success in the 4.0 Age

10:30 - Luigi Tagliaferro, DFV - Image Recognition System Development for Aluminium Profiles

10:50 - Coffee Break

11:10 - Davide Guerri, Dedalus Italia - AI for Health: from the Labs to the Market

11:30 - Andrea Ruscica, Altea Federation - Prediction and Judgment: the AI Human Side

11:50 - Fabio Viola, TuoMuseo - Video Games as Engagement and Learning Machines

12:10 - Best Poster Presentation

12:20 - Round-table Discussion

13:00 - Closure Remarks

13:30 - Buffet Lunch

Call for Posters Competition

A Call for Poster is now open for collecting and sharing innovative research ideas or preliminary research results about the school topics (i.e. Big Data & Analytics, Cyber Physical Systems, Lifecycle in Industry at Large, Artificial Intelligence applied to Industry Scenario).
Academia or industrial representatives are invited to create a poster and to submit it following the guidelines by May 20th.
All selected Posters (the finalists) will be exhibited at the School and their authors (max. 2 representatives for each Poster) will be given the opportunity to present the posters during a dedicated session on Wednesday 5th June.
Only four posters will be selected and awarded for presenting the illustrated idea/project during the related topic session.


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Industrial Partners

For 26 years, Altea Federation has been working alongside the global leaders of technological innovation through a holonic-virtual business model which embraces the professional approach and high degree of specialization of a federation of companies under one brand: different yet complementary worlds which reinforce each other while preserving a strong Group identity and an unmistakable approach to the challenges posed by new paradigms in the ambits of Consulting, Technology, Digital and Operations.

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Apphia s.r.l. is an Italian engineering company specialized in research and development of innovative solutions in Aerospace, Naval, Automotive and Defense sectors. Apphia is the natural evolution of the previous collaboration activities of University of Salento with industrial leading companies working in Control Systems and Automation. Apphia designs and develops Information Communication Technology (ICT) systems for monitoring and controlling data / states of complex processes and systems.

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The Cantele estate is a third-generation family-owned and run winery founded by the current generation’s grandparents, immigrants from the north who settled in Puglia after WWII. The winery owns 50 hectares of vineyards and manages another 150. Known for its pioneering work with Chardonnay and its passion for native grapes like Primitivo and Negroamaro, Cantele delivers high-quality, classic wines at great prices.

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Dedalus Group is the European leader in diagnostic information systems and one of the major international healthcare software players. The company is owned by the Management and by Ardian, the biggest private investment company in Europe and 4th in the world. Since 2007 Dedalus has grown thanks to the complete functional coverage of all the ICT needs of every health system, public or private. Over 65 acquisitions have allowed Dedalus to concentrate international products and professionalism.

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IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. is an independent engineering and systems technologies company, providing research, innovation and products in the unmanned, radar, electromagnetic, communications and air navigation fields, for both civilian and defense applications. Since 1980 IDS has specialized in providing consulting services for high-tech engineering projects, and in developing integrated software solutions and measurement systems. Its headquarters are in Pisa, Italy, with subsidiary companies in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil and South Korea.

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Invemet was born in 2001 following the expansion policy of Techemet Group, one of the world’s leading smelters and catalytic converters recyclers, acquiring its know-how, becoming a dynamic and flexible reality. Invemet pays great attention to suppliers and environment needs. High quality standards of offered services allow the company to gain the appreciation and the increasingly broad trust of its suppliers. Invemet also deals with auto parts and electronic components from the world of RAEE.

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MVM was founded in 2013 by the will of the Mariano Mariano and Verrienti families, as a vehicle for the development of the first University Campus in Lecce. It is a Real Estate project, developed on 10 ha, which involves the construction of over 30.000 m² distributed in classrooms, offices and 600 beds. An offer meant for students but also teachers and workers. Recreational, educational and sporting activities will take place within the Ecotekne complex, and three buildings will be dedicated to co-working and businesses. The first of which, BePilotPalace, will soon open and host the headquarters of 12 companies in the world of technological innovation.

Tundo Vincenzo S.p.A. deals with road transport of people, especially disabled transport, urban public transport and tourist transport. It guarantees services that also take into account the measures of the highest safety standards, the best comfort and the necessary courtesy and competence of all the resources involved in the projects. It proposes itself as reliable partner for all Public Administrations and intends to expand even beyond the Italian borders, offering an efficient and successful service.

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